Welcome to Hubbard Survival Swim School

Welcome to Hubbard Survival Swim SchoolWelcome to Hubbard Survival Swim SchoolWelcome to Hubbard Survival Swim School

Individual survival and recreational swim lessons for kids 6 months to 6 years old

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Water Safety

Hubbard Survival Swim School's goal is to teach your child how to be safe in the water. 

Children 6 months- 14 months learn roll-back to float

Children 15 months-6 years old learn how to swim-float-swim


One on One

All lessons are individual and taught with your child's emotional and physical abilities in mind. No two lessons are the same. Lessons are up to 10 minutes per day and are Monday-Thursday.



Rollback to float: 12-16 lessons

Swim-float-swim: 16-24 lessons

You should see progress by Thursday of each week. Most children will swim 5-6 ft independently by the 3rd week of lessons.

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Hubbard Survival Swim School

North Shore Aquatic Center, 901 N Shore Dr NE, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701, United States



Lessons are 10 minutes per day


Time slots available every 10 minutes from 



All lessons are scheduled through Chloe. Please contact her directly to schedule your lesson.